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Herget Middle School Cross Country

The Be Elite Philosophy

The Be Elite Philosophy is a mindset we want all of our runners to adopt.  There are four major pillars within the "Be Elite" philosophy:

  1. Elite In The Classroom:  School work needs to be the top priority.  The same principles that make successful athletes make successful students: dedication and hard work.  Time management is a must, and athletes must learn how to balance both cross country and their school work.  Also, being elite means being confident enough to seek out extra help if needed.
  2. Elite Teammates:  Elite teammates are all about the squad.  Athletes are there cheering on and celebrating the successes of their teammates, while offering encouragement and support when needed.  Elite teammates are "always we, never me"!
  3. Elite in Practice:  Cross Country is not just about the race, but what you did to prepare for the race.  Being Elite in practice is looking at every day as an another opportunity to improve.  "No deposit, No return".
  4. Elite People:  This is the last and most important pillar of the Be Elite philosophy.  We want our athletes to make good choices and be leaders that the whole Herget community can be proud of.  At the end of the day, it's nice to be great but far greater to be nice!